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Game Mods

Reductio v0.1: A historical accuracy mod for Napoleon: Total War

RealPara v3.1a: A historical accuracy mod for Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far


On Afghanistan

From the CDA Institute's ON TRACK:

From Mentoring to Partnering: The changing nature of Afghan army building (Winter, 2009)

From the U of T Magazine (www.magazine.utoronto.ca):

"This is a Generational Struggle": Captain Bruce Rolston wonders how long Afghanistan’s calm facade will remain after peacekeepers leave (Spring, 2009)


On the Computer Game industry

From Computer Games magazine (defunct)

Virtual dollars, real economics -- (or, "Do you think that's money you're spending now?") (April, 2003)

From the Adrenaline Vault (www.avault.com)

Can a Virus Make You Buzz? -- Entertainment industries, including game makers, are learning the potential and perils of "viral marketing" (Mar. 12/01)

Everything You Know About Video Game Violence is Wrong -- A stunning Surgeon General's report puts new doubt into the media violence connection. Where do we go from here? (Feb. 27/01)

Computer Game Mags: The State of the Industry -- Three major magazines are fighting for your interest. What's the difference? (Feb. 19/01)

All the News that's Fit? -- Online game journalism's making a lot of mistakes lately. Maybe we should step back and work on our news judgment. (Feb. 2/01)

The Killer App of the 19th Century -- Why today's cybersports are more familiar than you think. (Jan. 8/01)

The Secret Life of 'Gooseman' -- Sure, you may play Counter-Strike day and night, but do you know who is fueling your addiction? Minh Le, its semi-reclusive creator, sounds off on cheating, fame, and a possible sequel. (Dec. 28/00)

The Skeptic -- Not all psychologists are railing against the supposedly "violence-inducing" properties of gaming: meet Jonathan Freedman, the continent's leading voice of skepticism among a growing community of condemnation. (Dec. 22/00)

EULAs: Look Before You Click, part 2 -- Court victories, impending legislation, and what it all means to you, the consumer. (Dec. 9/00)

EULAs: Look Before You Click, part 1 -- Think you know your rights as a gamer? Think again (as seen on Slashdot). (Dec. 8, 2000)

The Makers of Quakers -- The burgeoning pro gaming scene was recently done justice with the high-profile, low-budget documentary, "Quakers". (Nov. 18/00)

A Hostage of Fortune? -- British Columbia’s legislators recently leveled ground-breaking censorship at the controversial Soldier of Fortune, raising many heated questions in the process. (Oct. 25/00)

So Far, So Soon -- In a relatively short time, professional first-person gaming has gone from a mere concept to a highly respected reality. (Oct. 12/00)

The Senate v. The Gaming Industry -- You wouldn't know it from the media coverage, but a recent FTC report on game marketing was surprisingly positive. (Sept. 15/00)

The End of the Smurfs? -- The ripples from a New York lawsuit by some disgruntled online volunteers is threatening to shake the foundations of every gaming community that relies on free labor. (Sept. 1/00)

The Friendly Pirates -- Are fan modifications to popular games the ultimate act of fan worship or a pain in the neck for developers? The Answer might surprise you... (Aug. 16/00)