October 12, 2011

Note to RIM: Next phone's a 'droid, sorry

Let's see, I'm a Canadian frequent business traveller who relies on a smartphone to do my job and I prefer a keypad over a touchscreen for typing. So I'm pretty much Blackberry's core market, I figure.

The ongoing outage, which has knocked off (for me) all internet-based services, including webmail, as well as BlackBerry Messenger, is just simply unacceptable, though. I could understand a single-system failure, but there's no reason a problem at BlackBerry's central office should be nixing my web browsing ability in two different cities across the country a day later: talk about overly centralized! Why is my phone's web browser even pinging a central single-point-of-failure server in the first place? Some key systems should have been clearly isolated from each other. Sorry, this is a total failure on RIM/BlackBerry's part, and they deserve to lose every bit of business to whatever smartphone firm with a more distributed service model starts snapping it up after this. I'm definitely gone on my next phone switch.

Posted by BruceR at 08:02 PM