July 14, 2009

In defense of an ANA general

Just a little more on 3/205 Brigade and its commander, the ANA formation in Helmand referred to in the post below.

I've had the opportunity to hear BGen Ghori, the ANA commander in Helmand, speak on two occasions, one in KAF, the other at Camp Hero, the ANA base, and Canadian OMLT-advised troops served under his command on two occasions during my tour. My impression was that he was certainly the most dynamic, aggressive ANA general of the five or so I've had any dealings at all with. I'm sure he still gives his British mentors fits at times, and I have no idea how much that dynamism translates into military skill but I wouldn't doubt his determination to push his troops hard and to fight. He's certainly not one to let them just sit around. So if he's having trouble coming up with 30 more troops for the American Marines, I'd have to assess he really feels those troops are needed more somewhere else.

Posted by BruceR at 11:48 AM