October 13, 2004

Instapundit: not a news service

"When bad news matters and is undercovered -- which sometimes happens, if it requires actual understanding to appreciate -- I do try to mention it, as ... with regard to Zeyad's war crimes reports -- go here for a roundup and follow the links for earlier posts."

--Glenn Reynolds, today. The roundup he's taking pride in there ends with the four American soldiers being charged with drowning Zeyad's cousin in Samarra. Reynolds has yet to report on two of those charges being dropped earlier this summer.

Meanwhile, in other news from American custody...

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Hersh on the ethics of massacre allegations

"You know what I told him [a U.S. army lieutenant]? I said, fella, I said: you've complained to the captain. He knows you think they committed murder. Your troops know their fellow soldiers committed murder. Shut up. Just shut up. Get through your tour and just shut up. You're going to get a bullet in the back. You don't need that. And that's where we are with this war."

--Sy Hersh, speaking at Berkeley

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