October 12, 2004

More reader mail

The estimable Cecil T. responds to my "blading" post, below:

"We're still a ways apart on the Iraq War, but I think you and Saletan missed the obvious on this one:

"Bush doesn't agree the war is "screwed up" (nor do I, by the way). And far from "blading" his subordinates, he was defending the plan and the process. This is similar to the flap over Rumsfeld citing Franks as the author of the invasion plan (when many were saying he was "distancing himself" from it to avoid blame) to give credit. Kerry showed remarkably good sense in letting this one go by, as his credibility on defense issues would likely have suffered even more by engaging."

Posted by BruceR at 09:24 AM

Canada's subs: rejoinder

Rick G. offers an eloquent rejoinder to my submarine post, below. From his email:

"I take issue with your statement 'most of the generally unlettered ostensibly 'save our military' criticism at the moment (hint: any article on the Chicoutimi that uses the words 'rust bucket,' 'Iltis' or 'Sea King') is only enabling that response.' Unlettered, I can accept, but as a Canadian voter who doesn't live in a cave, and measures his own opinions and attitudes against the opinions and attitudes of those who do get published, I fail to understand how hiding potential embarrassments for the current federal government is going to help those who work for the Canadian military. If there is no political cost to cancelling or neutering military programs that embarrass the government, then what is stop the government from scuttling the whole lot of you? There isn't much of a future in trying to protect the water you are swimming in, if the sink is draining. You might outlast some of your colleagues, but in the end, everyone gets left high and dry.

"Every time one of these 'rust bucket' stories come out, a certain number of Canadians lose their apathy about keeping a military in this country. The professional granola munchers and all the other assorted fanatical peacemongers don't amount to a hill of beans, unless they can rely on the silent, wavering majority to stay uninvolved. If there is no countervailing activism, then their special interest (and self-promoting) agendas sail right along. The key is to get just a portion of the inert mass of Canadian opinion mad enough to actually get up and impede the anti-military crowd. By definition, that anti-military crowd is a bunch of cowards, anyway, so once you convince them you are serious, they quickly disband and go onto some other pet cause, that won't get the population so riled up. Every time a 'rust bucket' story comes out, we are that much closer to turning the tide. Don't be so pessimistic, my friend."

Posted by BruceR at 09:01 AM