Must. Go. To. Woods.

Algonquin Park, August 10-18 1999
6 people: Graham, Lyndsay, Robyn, Patrick, Dave, Jane
Patrick - Big Trout Lake
Dave solo
Dave solo - Big Trout Lake
Boots - White Trout Lake
Graham - Canoe Lake
Night 1: Tom Thomson lake
Night 2: Timberwolf lake
Nights 3 & 4: White Trout lake
Night 5: Big Trout lake
Night 6: Little Otterslide lake
Night 7: Burnt Island lake
Reflections - Big Trout Lake
Reflections - Big Trout Lake
Big Trout lake
"Simpsons clouds" on Big Trout lake
Campsite sign
The ubiquitous campsite sign
Dave, Big Trout lake
Patrick, with pipe
Patrick with pipe, Big Trout lake

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