December 10, 2004


Glenn Reynolds points to a good UNSCAM article in the NY Post. One thing particularly struck me:

But the explanation is simple: Kofi Annan is the symbol of the United Nations' lack of accountability. He is never held responsible for what goes wrong, because the United Nations is never held responsible, either. It sails in a cloud of noble idealism over the actual failures, hypocrisy, corruption and outright criminality that attend some U.N. actions on the ground below.

And there is a polite consensus outside the United States not to notice the glaring contradictions between idealism and reality. Too many influential people and institutions have invested too much in the United Nations and the U.N. system to see its flaws clearly.

You would think that UN reformers would have caught onto the public choice implications of this by now but most of them seem clueless. You need to offer alternative "investment vehicles" for the "influential people and institutions" to invest in so that they can diversify and cut their losses. Unfortunately, Glenn Reynolds can only see two options

Indeed. The U.N. needs to be either fixed, or crippled so thoroughly that it can no longer harm U.S. interests in the slightest. Whether it is aware of it or not, the "international community" seems to be opting for number two.

There is another way, replace the UN with parallel institutions that are improved in function and permit people to migrate off the humiliating UN system (because it is humiliating for decent men to give respect and deference to monsters). It's a pity that Prof. Reynolds doesn't see it.

Posted by TMLutas at December 10, 2004 09:02 AM